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Paul Ince: “Cavani is world class”

Tue 01 December 2020 | 9:32

Former Manchester United star Paul Ince has hailed the Red Devils on the purchase of Edinson Cavani.


Manchester United


Paul Ince


Edinson Cavani

is the Red Devils' best signing and that he is exactly what United's front line needs and could be a world-class replacement for

Anthony Martial


“Listen, he's world class,”

Ince said about Cavani

“He's not one of those that's going to run channels or work the center-halves but what he does is... if you put the balls in the right position, he will score you goals.

“He's probably what Man United need, a proper center-forward. Martial is not a center-forward.

“He can play along the lines but he's not an out-and-out center-forward.

“They tried it with Ighalo, it didn't really work. This kid is world class.

“He knows the areas to go into, he can sense goals, he sniffs out goals and I think he will score a lot more goals for United this year.”


was then asked if


can be Man Utd’s main striker;

“Listen, I'm sure Cavani's done enough to warrant a start, but it depends how Solskjaer sees it,”

he said

“Cavani's in his 30s, he can't start every game, but what he can do is come on and make an impact like we saw.

“Whether he can start from the beginning, I'm not too sure. I think he might want to, but he's got options now.

“When Ighalo came over from China, he was coming on for the last 10-15 minutes because he wasn't too sure about him.

“Now he knows he can throw someone like Cavani on, 45 minutes, and he will get goals. It's good to have those problems, that's for sure.”

source: SportMob