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‘Klopp’s preferred option in attack is Firmino, not Jato’– McManaman

Mon 30 November 2020 | 19:49

Steven McManaman, the former Liverpool winger, believes the area that needs to be strengthened is centre-back and the Reds should sign a central defender.

According to McManaman’s perception, in


’s pecking order,

Diogo Jota

is behind

Roberto Firmino

given the fact that Firmino was one of the three who played a key role in


’s victory in the

Premier League

last season. Jota, on the other hand, pulled off a great performance in the battle against Brighton. Although Jota’s goal is superior to Firmino’s, the Brazilian international has a significant set of skills praised and preferred by the Reds’ manager Klopp in attack according to McManaman.

I still think Jurgen Klopp likes the fact he can rely on Firmino, Mane and Salah at the moment

,” McManaman said, "

as much as Jota has been absolutely fantastic



I think he (Jota) would still be the one to drop out at the moment. If his form carries on, that might change but he won the league with the other three so he knows they can trust them fully


After losing two assets Van Dijk and Joe Gomez to injury, Liverpool is weak in centre-back area. McManaman believes there should be no regrets regarding

Dejan Lovren

’s transfer since these recent injuries could not have been predicted. However, he anticipates some decisions to be made about signing some recruits in January.

I think the only area is in the central defensive area

,” McManaman said. “

I don’t think so in any other area of the pitch


People keep saying that they let Lovren go and they never replaced him which is true but you don’t expect two or three injuries in the same positions

If I had the money would I bring someone in? Yes. I don’t know what the financial situation is. Joe Gomez and Virgil van Dijk are out for a significant amount of time. You can move Fabinho back into the centre-half area where he has been fantastic

If they have the finances, it is a no-brainer to go and sign a centre-half, then if you have too many central defenders then you sort it out at the end of the season



It would be a no-brainer and I would look at getting a top centre-defender and deal with the numbers further down the line.

source: SportMob