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Brown thinks Cavani can help younger teammates improve

Mon 30 November 2020 | 19:35

Brown has talked about Cavani’s performance and his impact on his teammates.

Manchester United’s

former defender thinks that


experience can help






become better at what they do.

The Uruguayan striker presented a great performance on their Sunday match showing that he still has the skills he was known for in


and this has convinced


to think that he can have positive impact on the team on and off the pitch.

Martial is still a top young lad. Cavani has come in to help, if anything, he is not the long-term solution for Man Utd,”

Brown told BT Sport.

“He has come into the squad and not started many games. He came on as a sub here and there. At the weekend, he produced the goods in coming back from 2-0 and getting the goals. It shows the character he is.

“Martial didn’t start that game but that’s why you have squads. If something isn’t happening right then he will try and make it right. His qualities will help Martial, Rashford and Greenwood. He possesses the positioning of a striker that those three lads haven’t got to yet where he is always making the right runs in the box.”

And about signing new strikers he added:

“Eventually yes, but we have three young strikers alongside Cavani who is showing his experience already. If you score goals, it doesn’t matter how old you are.

 “He has not started so many games, you can see he is still getting back to 100 per cent fitness. But there’s the experience he can give to the younger lads up there in the positions he takes up.”

source: SportMob