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McManaman: ‘I wouldn’t back Real Madrid to win' the Champions League

Mon 30 November 2020 | 18:39

Steve McManaman believes Real Madrid need to change their squad if they want to have a chance against top English teams and Bayern Munich to win the Champions League.

Real Madrid

have won only one of their last four matches in all competitions and shockingly lost 1-2 to

Deportivo Alaves


La Liga

on Saturday.

Former Real Madrid winger

Steve McManaman

thinks that the team were lucky that the fans are not allowed in the stadiums currently since he believes they would be expressing their disgust and anger with Real Madrid.

“They are struggling,” he said. “They’ve struggled in the Champions League and La Liga. The performance against Shakhtar [Donetsk, in the Champions League] was appalling. 

“They lost to Alaves at home and it is good the fans aren’t there. If they were there then they would be getting all kinds of abuse and the white handkerchiefs would be out.”

McManaman thinks Real would not win the

Champions League

as they need an overhaul of the squad and with their current players they have no chance against the top English teams and Bayern Munich.

“The pandemic affected them badly like all Spanish teams without the same broadcast deal we have in England so the finances are not as good as they would like to be to bring players in,” he said. “They have an aging squad, [Eden] Hazard can’t get fit, and when he does he gets injured. They are in a predicament with these old players and they are struggling. 

“I wouldn’t back Real Madrid to win it (Champions League) when I look at them. Anything can happen in January but in their current form, against Gladbach and Shakhtar, they are nowhere near the English teams and Bayern Munich. 

“If they want to be successful, where they once were, they need to do something in the transfer market. [Luka] Modric is 35, Sergio Ramos is 34 nearly 35, [Karim] Benzema and Toni Kroos are getting to the age where they will not improve and if anything will get worse. 

“They are all incredible footballers who made history at Real Madrid but your body tells you when you can’t get to the same heights. If they want to get to the same heights they were at they need new players. 

“Rodrigo, Vinicius, and Reiner, who is on loan in Germany, are too young to drive them forward. They need experience to do it. It is difficult because the English teams have got better and strengthened while Bayern Munich have Leroy Sane and Douglas Costa and are moving forward. 

“The Spanish teams haven’t been able to do the same.”

source: SportMob