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Ederson defends the concussion substitutions idea

Mon 30 November 2020 | 17:38

Ederson backs the concussion substitution after watching a friend face the problem.

Mnchester City

goal keeper talks about the drive for concussion substitution after



David Luiz

were put in danger.

He thinks it is essential for players’ safety to consider this new idea.

After his former teammate Jimenez was injured in a game


talked about the matter to the reporters.

He said:

"I was very worried. I was watching the game. It was an accidental clash, head to head but very difficult.

"All the concern and all the care at the moment is very important. It is a part of the body that is very fragile and needs special attention, I agree when there is a blow to the head there should be a substitution whether the player can continue or not because you might be feeling okay because you're warmed up, but after the game you could feel the consequences.

"It is something we cannot change, it is accidental. It wasn't an intentional blow they just went to compete for the ball, but we know the risks of a head injury. I hope he recovers quickly and will be back as soon as possible."

Jimenez will miss


next game in the Premier League as he needs to be in the hospital for a few days.


source: SportMob