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Robertson backs Klopp over his demands

Mon 30 November 2020 | 17:07

Jurgen Klopp has accused the broadcasters and the Premier League of not caring about the players.

It has been a rough week for

Jurgen Klopp



. They were beaten by Atalanta and then face Brighton on a Saturday noon game which they drew. Jurgen Klopp was furious with the broadcasters for scheduling such an intense season and Premier League for limiting the substitutions unlike the Champions League and other Leagues.

Andrew Robertson

who himself was injured during international games has backed his boss on his demands.

"The schedule is hectic, there’s no secret of that, because of Covid and we had to kind of make up time and stuff,”

Robertson said at a press conference ahead of Liverpool’s clash with Ajax in the Champions League on Tuesday.

“But the schedule is always going to be hectic, we knew that, and the schedule can’t change because we need to get all these games in, in all the different competitions. 

“We get our heads around that but I just think maybe we could get a little bit more help from it.

“My manager has been probably the most vocal on it, but I know a lot of managers are maybe crying out for five substitutions or different things that can maybe help. 

“I know up in Scotland they’ve got five substitutions just now and I know, by speaking to their boys, it makes a massive difference, because their schedule is also hectic."



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source: SportMob