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“I’ve not made him, he’s made himself” – Solskjaer on Cavani

Mon 30 November 2020 | 17:01

The Red Devils coach poked fun at their Uruguayan star Cavani after his amazing performance against Southampton.

Manchester United


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

, who was once a Red Devils player joked about

Edinson Cavani

saying him and the Uruguayan are nothing alike. Solskjaer, who usually came off the bench during his time as player, used to have a great impact on their wins and it seems Cavani could be the next successor for Solskjaer’s playing years with Man-Utd.

Cavani, who was sent to the pitch in a later time in one of their recent games, had to change his studs therefore; he was late, revealed Solskjaer. The coach, who was compared with the player, said:

 “We’re not the same types of players. I’ve not made him, he’s made himself. He reminds me of Andy Cole by the way, with his movement inside the box; he’s so sharp, clever, great timing.”

“He’s not learned off me because he wasn’t ready when the second half started. I was always ready and had studs on, so he made us wait a little bit too much for my liking!”

Solskjaer added about the brace scored by Cavani against



“Sometimes, when we’ve scored goals, it had to be the 'perfect' goal, walking it in, with an extra pass and great skill.”

“Edinson has been around the block and scored so many goals and played football for so long. He’s been between those posts so many times, he’s seen this game before, he’s scored that goal before.”

"He knows exactly where to move and his best friend in the box is what Sir Alex always used to tell me: 'Your best friend in the box is space', and he gets into that space with perfect timing.”

“He’s got all the attributes for a top-class footballer and human being.”

”He’s had a great career and scored goals wherever he’s been. He’s so professional, so meticulous in his preparation, in his recovery, what he does at meal-times, before the game, during the game. So I was surprised when he didn’t have his boots on when the second half started.”

 “Also, to have a focal point in the box is important for us, we’ve not really had that since Romelu [Lukaku] left. Anthony [Martial], Marcus [Rashford], Mason [Greenwood], they’re different types of forwards. He gives us a great balance and a mix, so we wanted to mix it up and had an impact.”

source: SportMob