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Mourinho tactically defeated Lampard, says Hoddle

Mon 30 November 2020 | 16:57

Two teams met each other Sunday night at Stamford Bridge as a victory could send one to the top of the table.

It was clear that

Tottenham Hotspur

started the game against


in hope of getting a point at Stamford Bridge. They succeeded in their mission as the one point they got sent them to the top of the table. Spurs are nothing like they were a few years ago as they invested a lot of money and have many top players in their squad.

Chelsea was the team that tried to win the match and created goal-scoring chances, however, Hoddle says that


won the tactics against


, despite not making much of goal scoring chances.

“Tactics won the game. It was 0-0, but it was tactics,”

former Spurs and Chelsea star Hoddle told Premier League Productions.

“Chelsea found it very hard to break Tottenham down. Spurs in the first half looked as though they could break and score. Second half, there was hardly an attack from Tottenham, they were poor with the ball, but they will take it because that’s what Jose wants to do. He knew that he goes top of the league with a point, that’s what it’s about.

“The next game for Spurs, it will be different, there will be a different theme to how he sets the team out. That was because Chelsea are so free-flowing and if you give them a lot of space, they will tear you apart. Jose, tactically, got it right.”



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source: SportMob