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Deeney backs Arsenal over the late substitution of David Luiz

Mon 30 November 2020 | 13:00

Brain injury experts have criticized Arteta’s decision to delay the substitution of the Brazilian defender after his tough aerial clash.

David Luiz

immediately called the medical staff after he clashed heads with the



Raul Jimenez

. The striker was brought out of the pitch on a stretcher after the medics checked his situation thoroughly for ten minutes. Earlier today Wolves confirmed that the Uruguayan forward has suffered a fractured skull but he is comfortable after his surgery.

Premier League

protocols require the players suspected to be suffering from concussion to be immediately substituted. However,

Mikel Arteta

delayed the substitution until half-time. Brain injury association Headway has outlined that this decision was worrying and could have resulted in a disaster. However,



Troy Deeney

believes that the element of trust between the player and the doctor is an important factor.

"At some point there has to be an element of trust between player and doctor. You do have all the protocols in place.

"As a player you know when something's not right. Watching David Luiz for 20 minutes afterwards, he never looked shaky on his feet, his legs weren't going from underneath him.

"They followed all the protocols in terms of he's ticked every box, then afterwards you don't see anything other than blood to suggest he's in a bad way."



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source: SportMob