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Joan Laporta officially announces himself as a presidential candidate

Mon 30 November 2020 | 12:18

Barcelona’s former President will compete for the club’s presidency in the upcoming elections.

Joan Laporta

served as


’s president from 2003 to 2010 and had an important part in making one of the most successful eras of the club’s history. Laporta and his election campaign have introduced themselves as a group of Barcelonistes who want to return the club to its core values of prioritizing social values as well as economic and sporting goals. One of Laporta’s main objectives is to renew the club’s emphasis on La Masia and also the club’s role to introduce Catalonia to the world. The 58-year-old has declared his candidacy on his campaign’s official website.

 “I’m running for elections because I love the club,

“We have the preparation, experience and determination necessary for the changes that the club need. We have a plan. The plan is to work.

“I want to unite all Barca fans. This is not the time to reproach or look back. In the Barca that we propose, everyone fits.

“Our plan is to bring back happiness to the people. It’s not a simple election promise. It’s an ethical, civic, moral, social and united commitment.”

Laporta has also spoken about the most urgent subject in the club which is Lionel Messi’s contract renewal.

“I have yet to speak with Messi,

“We appreciate each other and we respect each other. He has time to decide – I am waiting to have the confidence of the socios.

“Messi loves Barca and I’m sure that the club can give him an opportunity. I see myself capable of, at the right moment, having a conversation with him. I know we can give each other some margin, anything can happen in life.”



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source: SportMob