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McLaughlin hopes for regularity on Rangers to fulfill his Euro dream

Mon 30 November 2020 | 11:28

The Rangers keeper wishes for more time on the pitch, hoping that it would make him a way to join Scotland international team.


’ benched goalkeeper,

Jon McLaughlin

, begged their boss, Steven Gerard for more time on the pitch to make his

Euro 2020

dream a reality. According to him, if he was given more play time,


’s coach,

Steve Clarke

will take a more notice of him and his chances to participate on the upcoming finals will be higher.

McLaughlin said:

“Of course I want to be playing as regularly as possible. Any opportunity you get, you want to take it.”

“You want to make sure you’re performing for your club and being a vital part of what we’re doing here. Hopefully over the course that continues to help you with the national team.”

“It would be massive to be a part of it. For all the lads who were away (for the play-off win in Serbia), that was the biggest thing – how much it meant not just to fans but also all of the players over the past 20 years who have been trying to qualify for tournaments.”

“Even better that two out of the three games are going to be on home soil and the game against England is at Wembley. It’s got everything there for us and it was a very proud moment to be involved.”

When asked the possibility of becoming a regular, the Scottish footballer, who made an appearance on their Sunday victory against


, said:

“There’s been no talk of that. It’s just a case of being ready when called upon, whenever that might be.”

“There have been league games recently where Allan and the team have been doing well.”

“With cup games like this you might expect more chance of playing, but when everything is going so well and the performances have been so fantastic you have to bide your time.”

“If you get that opportunity you have to be ready. We’ve got a great group in there and we’ve been doing that really well. Long may that continue.”

source: SportMob
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