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Ferrara: Maradona ‘became the best ever’

Mon 30 November 2020 | 10:46

Former Napoli and Juventus defender believes heroes are perfect and Maradona was not.

Ciro Ferrara

has said that


was an antihero.

Ferrara believes heroes are perfect and Maradona was not and he

‘paid for his mistakes.’

Ferrara and Maradona played together for seven seasons at



“I am moved, these are difficult moments,” he said.

“At the beginning, I didn’t want to talk, then I felt the necessity to speak about a teammate and a big friend.

“We are all so sad for what happened, I am convinced Diego left serenely. I grew up with him, I have unforgettable memories of him.

“He is a friend of mine and I’ve always defended him, he paid for his mistakes.

“Somebody says Diego was a hero, I say heroes are perfect, they don’t do mistakes. Diego was an antihero. Despite his weaknesses, he became the best ever.

“He had a crazy head, a little bit like [Antonio] Cassano, maybe they would have gotten along.”

source: SportMob