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Steve Cooper is happy with Swansea performance

Sun 29 November 2020 | 17:10

Swansea boss hails the commitment his team showed against Nottingham Forrest.

After their 1-0 victory against

Nottingham Forest



boss talked about their performance.


started by talking about Connor:

“Connor epitomised our performance today. We had our wing-back in the opposition box leaping over their 6ft 4in player, who is a really good player, and banging his head to get us a goal.

“He’s done that before and will do it for us again, even though he’s got a black eye from it.

“He has been excellent since we came back from lockdown and his challenge now is to just keep it going because he won’t want to look back at the end of the season and say ‘I had a great start to the season, but then it was a bit up and down’, but I don’t think that will happen with him.”

He went on talking about his first away win after five matches:

“That was the objective and to deliver a performance like we did was really, really good because, apart from the teams that have come down from the Premier League, they are one of the strongest clubs in terms of their resources.”

Home team’s boss


on the other hand said:

“I am very disappointed because it was a game we shouldn’t have lost in terms of the balance of play, but they managed the game and defended really well. We had very good periods of possession, as we have been doing in most games, but we’ve got to capitalise on that and we’re not showing enough in the final third.

“The players are working hard enough, but we’ve got to make better decisions and maybe get that extra body into the box and show some quality when we do get in good areas. We’re also putting pressure on ourselves by conceding poor goals.”

source: SportMob