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Surprised by Kessie's double - Bonera

Sun 29 November 2020 | 16:59

Kessie was able to fill Zlatan's place in scoring.

AC Milan stand-in coach Daniele Bonera has claimed that he is surprised by Franck Kessie's performance against Fiorentina.

Rossoneri played against Fiorentina without their top scorer, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and managed to beat the opponent by two goals. The first goal was scored in the first half on a corner kick and Kessie's finishing header. In the second half, Milan won a penalty kick, which in the absence of Zlatan, Kassieh stood behind the ball and scored the second goal. Kessie had the opportunity to score another goal from the penalty spot, but the Fiorentina goalkeeper's excellent reaction prevented his hat-trick.

After the game, Bonera praised Kessie and claimed that he was surprised by his performance.

“We know how important Franck is, he has become pivotal in terms of quantity and quality. We used to think he was mainly muscle, but he has really improved his technique and we are very happy with him,”

Bonera told DAZN.

“I see another small piece in the large puzzle that we started some time ago. The game after the Europa League is always the toughest, but we reacted like the great team we are,” Bonera told DAZN.

“We have grown because we enjoy the work, enjoy the challenge and spending time together.”



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