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‘Ronaldo is coming by plane,’ – Bonucci was pranked

Sun 29 November 2020 | 14:50

During the competition between Juventus and Benevento, an anonymous person pranked Bonucci: ‘Ronaldo is flying to Benevento.’

The Italian international was rested by


’s head coach and they weren’t able to beat the


. Juve striker, Alvaro Morata, scored the opening and Gaetano Letizia equalized the game.



’s injuries are treated, the 33-year-old wasn’t ready enough to play on Saturday due to fitness matters.

Like all the other stadiums in Italy, the Stadio Vigorito does not allow in any fans due to the Corona Pandemic. However, someone inside has tried to prank the Italian defender through the microphone. Bonucci did not react to the matter.

Bonucci, Ronaldo is coming by plane

,” said an anonymous person.

source: SportMob