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Valencia coach struggles with having his two best players on the pitch

Sun 29 November 2020 | 14:40

According to Diario AS, after their loss to Atletico Madrid two things were confirmed about Valencia.

The LaLiga team,


, which has been struggling for their past a few matches showed that they have made little progress after their late draw with


last week. One problem with Valencia seems to be that their coach, Javi Garcia, is having difficulty with fitting in his two players,

Goncalo Guedes


Lee Kang-in

, at the same time on the pitch.

Garcia, who kept Kang-in on the bench during their loss to

Atletico Madrid

, admitted that the reason behind his decision was to maintain a balance on the team.

“We were looking for balance and we already had a very offensive player there in Guedes,”

he said.

For their upcoming match Valencia will face


in the LaLiga competition.

source: SportMob