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West Ham midfielder praises Harry Kane

Sun 29 November 2020 | 13:44

Declan Rice, the 21 – year – old West Ham midfielder hailed Kane, claiming he has never seen finishing like his.

Harry Kane

has not won a trophy with


yet, but his brilliant performance has made many teams seeking to recruit him.


has become one of the top strikers in the

Premier League

and even in the world in recent years, and many young players wish to follow his footsteps.

Now, the 21 – year – old

West Ham


Declan Rice

has praised English striker.

“In that last camp just gone back, I said to Eric Dier I’ve never seen finishing like Harry Kane in my life, I’ve never seen it,”

Rice said

“We did a finishing drill and he finished every single ball from outside the ‘D’ with power and precision.

“I know how good he is but witnessing it in training, it’s so sick to watch. As a football person as well; as a fan, as a player, to watch him just doing that you have to applaud it.

“I remember I got there and my first training session was in the evening; it was a group of us on a Sunday night,

“A few of the lads were doing recovery, there was 11 of us, and even though there was only 11 the standard was ridiculous. Sterling, Rashford, Kane, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Even now when I go, the lads ask me at West Ham what the training is like. It’s ridiculous, the standard is so, so good. I can’t speak highly enough of it.

“You see the rondos and the boxes, you can do flicks and tricks but if they want to get 50 passes within about 20 seconds it’s done, you can’t get the ball back. The standard is so good.”



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source: SportMob