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Real Madrid also depended on Cristiano Ronaldo - Pirlo

Sat 28 November 2020 | 20:18

Ronaldo's absence had a clear effect on Bianconeri's performance.

Juventus boss Andrea Pirlo believes his side should be able to do better in Ronaldo's absence.

Juventus made a disappointing display against Benevento tonight in a match in which Andrea Pirlo rested with his Portuguese superstar, and was held to a 1-1 draw to lose two crucial points to Bianconeri.

Alvaro Morata managed to score the game's first goal, but then Letizia scored the equalizer for Benevento. Morata was sent off after the game and will be suspended for at least one session and will not be able to play in next week's derby against Torino.

“We controlled the first half, had the chances to kill off the game, but still haven’t worked out how to read the various moments of the match,”

Pirlo told Sky Sport Italia.

“We had a corner and took it quickly on the stroke of half-time, but we should’ve controlled the situation and held out until the break. It’s not the first time we have conceded just before the break.

“At the end, we got a bit chaotic and lost our cool, we didn’t manage to turn the chances into goals.”

Pirlo also spoke about giving Cristiano Ronaldo a break and whether he really needed it.

Ex Italy star added:

“He had a slight problem midweek and wanted to play in the Champions League anyway. After international duty, it was natural he’d need some rest. Ronaldo is an added value, but we must try to play our game even in his absence.

“It happens when you have a lot of players on international duty and also play the Champions League, we’re hardly the only club in this situation.

“Real Madrid were dependent on Ronaldo, he is a catalyst for goals and a focal point for moves, so it’s only to be expected he will be a central figure and many moves go through him.”


source: SportMob