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Liverpool’s nightmare not over yet

Sat 28 November 2020 | 19:34

Thiago isn’t coming back soon as milner goes out.


isn’t expecting the injuries to get over soon and it might even get worse.

With players like Van Dijk, Thiago, Gomez and Arnold injured now Klopp can’t afford any new injuries.

Chamberlain won’t be available for a long time and when klopp was asked about


return he said: “

I don’t want to tell Ajax and Wolves too much, but I don’t think so.”

In their most recent match they have been facing too many problems one of them was


injury in a situation that Klopp was waiting for a long time before making the substitution hoping that Milner would get back on the pitch but it wasn’t possible so after the game in an update on their injuries he said:

“I have no idea how bad the Milner injury is, we’ll see with that.

“With Nico, it’s just the situation. We had an opportunity to bring on Hendo, and we had the choice between Neco, who played 90 minutes a couple of days ago, or Milly who played as well, and I decided for Milly. That’s all.

“Milly is absolutely not cool, the result was not cool, but the rest was good, I’m really proud of the performance from the boys.”



will be facing Ajax in

Champions League

in their next match before their Premier League fixture against Wolves.

source: SportMob