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Jota moves ahead of Minamino in the pecking order

Sat 28 November 2020 | 18:49

Liverpool forward, Diogo Jota, who was transferred from Wolves last September, scored his fifth goal for his club in the Premier League’s battle against Brighton.

Commentator, Raymond James, said that the Portuguese international has moved higher in the pecking order at the club by creating a fascinating record for himself that is being compared with Robbie Fowler’s.

The 23-year-old’s presence has instantly impacted the club in a way that there has been an offer for his return shortly after he joined

the Reds


Jota has shown qualification through his hat-trick in the

Champions League

, and a well-built record of nine goals in 14 appearances, five of which are in the

Premier League

. His latest goal is scored in the 1-1 tie with Brighton.



’s record is like that of Fowler’s,


is hitting the ground running.

Minamino has appeared in 18 games out of 25 and has yet to level up his game to meet the requirements the Reds expect. His role in the game is more about hard-work than an impact which helps him in the competition for a place.

Houghton added: “

With Minamino, when you come into a team you’ve got to hit the ground running, so for an attacking player like him that means either creating goals or


coring goals.

“If you haven’t done either, then that’s where the manager says, 'I’ve got other players who can do that and are probably more effective'. That’s why his time has been limited in a Liverpool shirt


Having watched him prior to coming here, I thought he was better playing a little bit higher up the field, whereas at the moment he’s been employed in a deeper role, he’s playing in a midfield three


source: SportMob