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Klopp to TV reporter: “You try to create a headline”

Sat 28 November 2020 | 21:36

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp is furious with the schedule for Premier League games.

Jurgen Klopp

has repeatedly protested against the tight schedule of the

Premier League

in recent weeks, saying it is one of the main reasons for his players' consecutive injuries. Today, the experienced



James Milner

was added to the ranks of the many injured players of Liverpool to arouse Klopp’s anger even more.

Now, at the end of the game with



Jurgen Klopp

, in an interview with Des Kelly, the BT Sport reporter, attacked the network and claimed television networks are one of the main reasons that Premier League schedule is like this.

“We are used to armpits. We have a toe today. It is how it is. I think the decisions were right.”

he said

He then was asked whether the call for penalty was right since Brighton forward,

Danny Welbeck


Jordan Henderson

that it wasn’t a penalty:

“You try to create a headline.”

Klopp said

“The ref whistled it. You try always, all the time. Today I say it wasn’t a penalty. What do you want me to say? I said it was a penalty because the ref whistled it, after watching it.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the boys for how they played today. We struggled a bit in the first half an hour with the new last line, because we didn’t drop in the right time. We sorted that but in the second half we had some problems with energy.

“In the situations around the goals, we were brilliant. Mo’s goal was a brilliant goal. Sadio’s header was outstanding. All good, it’s just tough times. That’s how it is.”

Klopp was also asked about James Milner’s injury which he replied:

“Yeah, congratulations.”

When the reporter asked Klopp if his aim was toward him, Klopp said:

“No, but you work for them, yeah? Hamstring. Surprise. And they had injuries as well because it's a tough time. But ask Chris Wilder how we avoid that.

“I don't know how often I have to say it: you pick us for 12:30 kick-offs. You picked it. Not you, personally. But you did, didn't you? Us on 12.30. Between now and December and New Year, there's one more Wednesday and Saturday 12.30 kick-off.

“Playing 12:30 after Wednesday is really dangerous for the Premier League players.”



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source: SportMob