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WWII bombs found on Roma’s training ground

Sat 28 November 2020 | 18:22

The Serie A club revealed they called the Italian army's bomb squad to dig up WWII explosives from their new training ground.

The Italian club,


, announced they have found a number of bombs from

World War II

in their new training pitch. These explosives devices, which were found by a technician who was attempting to start the ground work on the new pitch, were around twenty bombs.

The unanimous technician told the police:

"I was there to build a football field.”

"I never imagined finding myself digging a few centimeters from the bombs."

According to the technician he noticed

"pieces of iron coming out of the ground."

"I am not an expert in warfare, but I thought they could be bombs and, therefore, I asked for help. I was afraid,"

he added.

"A big thank you to the Italian army and their bomb squad, after they safely and successfully removed a number of devices dating back to the Second World War from the club's training centre at Trigoria this week,"

Roma wrote on Twitter.

source: SportMob