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Conte: “People can’t wait to fling negativity at us”

Sat 28 November 2020 | 17:55

Inter boss Antonio Conte has claimed that today's game was not his team's best performance in this season.


have always had a hard time beating


in recent years, but today they managed to beat the team by three goals and reach the second place in the table. At the end of the game,

Antonio Conte

spoke about the match and also rumors of his dismissal.

“We always try to give our best, at times it works better than others, sometimes the results aren’t as positive, but we always give 100 per cent,”

Conte said

“The inertia can go one way or another, the important thing is to leave the field with a shirt that is soaked with sweat.”


was asked if this was


’s best performance in this season.

“Absolutely not. It’s our best result of the season, but other performances have been far better. The result tends to affect judgment of performances.

“If we are talking about furor and determination, then perhaps it was the best, but if we’re discussing quality of football, then that’s a different matter. The ideal is to combine those two elements.

“Games change, the characteristics of the opposition change, and we must be ready to adapt to any situation. As for today, we studied Sassuolo carefully and I congratulate my players, because it is not easy at Inter, in general.

“Nothing is easy here. Inter are a club where people can’t wait to fling negativity at us. We must be hermetically sealed and not let anything in from the outside, especially those who can’t wait to throw mud or worse at us.

“I’ve worked at big clubs before, but seeing this negativity and determination to strike Inter at all costs, that’s hard for anyone. We must use it as extra motivation to give our best.”

“I always say responsibility is to be shared. I said some things three months ago, it wasn’t exactly ancient history. In positive and negative moments, the responsibility and credit should be shared equally.

“If things go badly, you cannot put all the blame on the coach and players. A change of coach is one solution, not the only one. If there’s a boat in stormy waters, you need all hands on deck to steady the ship, not let the coach or some players go overboard to drown.”



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