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The irreplaceable Virgil van Dijk

Sat 28 November 2020 | 17:22

Though the Reds player may miss the rest of the season, Clarence Seedorf believes his return could be stronger than before.

According to

Clarence Seedorf

, though it would be impossible to find another replacement to occupy

Virgil van Dijk

’s position on both


and Netherlands, but his absence should not affect the performance of the teams. Van Dijk, who suffered from a knee injury following the tackle he received from

Jordan Pickford

, could miss the rest of the Premier League and possibly Euro 2020 due to his injury.


, who believes the defender player is irreplaceable on the pitch, told

Stats Perform News: "I was sad for him that it happened but also, knowing him and his character, when bad things happened, you are sad for a few days then you need to look forward and start fighting your way back.”

"That's what he's doing and that's what he did in the first couple of days with statements he made.”

"We wish him the best recovery possible so he can get back on the pitch and continue showing his talent and leadership.”

"It's the coach's problem to solve it. I don't have the insight to show how they can solve it. Liverpool, especially, have good players.”

"You cannot substitute Van Dijk but you can maintain competitiveness. They have a lot of players who are at a good level, which is the same for the Dutch national team."

source: SportMob