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Robinson wants Spurs to sign Khedira

Sat 28 November 2020 | 16:31

Paul Robinson believes that Khedira can have the same impact on Tottenham as Zlatan and Ronaldo had on their teams.

Paul Robinson

compares Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic with

Sami Khedira

. The German midfielder is set to be a free agent and former goalkeeper of

Tottenham Hotspur

believes he can be a great addition to Jose Mourinho’s squad.

“Look at the likes of Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic, players can play on a lot longer than they usedSami khedira to,”

Robinson told Football Insider.

“Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic will be one of the fittest, if not the fittest in their squads.

“Professional footballers look after themselves and go on a lot longer. They are monitored on a daily basis.

“We no longer have players retiring at 30, 32 unless it is a really bad injury.

"Players are fitter and stronger and it is helping them elongate their careers.

“There is no reason why Khedira would not do that, he has a huge amount to offer, but you are not going to sign him on a three-year contract.”

Sami Khedira who has the experience of winning the World Cup with Germany also did not rule out working with his former manager, Jose Mourinho:

“He is always honest, direct, clear in his mind and a great coach,”

Khedira Sky Sports Germany.

“Many people talk about him [being] too defensive but he is a winner, he is a champion. That is why he impressed me the most.

“I really enjoyed working with Jose Mourinho but there are many coaches who I would like to work with.

“I would never say no again to Jose Mourinho but it is not the only guy who I would say I would like to work with again.

“There are many coaches, even in the Premier League that I respect a lot.

“[Carlo] Ancelotti is doing a great job at the moment and is a great personality. He is one of the coaches who impressed me also.”



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