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Seedorf thinks Eriksen and Van de Beek only need time

Sat 28 November 2020 | 16:11

Seedorf has talked about Eriksen and Van de Beek as they struggle in their new teams.

Christian Eriksen


Donny Van de Beek

both are struggling in their new clubs and they have been facing a lot of criticism but unlike many people


thinks they just need time.

Clarence Seedorf thinks although they aren’t showing all their quality right now but in time they will be improving and they will have their impact on their clubs.

"Eriksen has been a well established, top player for years,"

Seedorf told Stats Perform News

. "He may go through a moment where he's not having the same performance we're used to but he should not leave. He will be playing sooner or later.

"Adapting to a new country and club is not easy. There are many examples of top players that go from one club to another and couldn't find themselves. We need to give him some time for the club to embrace him fully."

And about Van de Beek who hasn’t shown the impact the club expected so far he added:

"He just arrived and needs to go through the same process and struggle [as Eriksen] to adapt to all the things on and off the pitch,

"I'm sure with his character he will find his way through. I don't think Manchester United bought him for immediate success. They have always brought in younger players to make sure in two or three years they will be one of the main players.

"Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I wish him all the best, obviously."

source: SportMob