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Kettlewell thinks they can upset the odds against Celtic

Sat 28 November 2020 | 14:50

Ross County boss believes in his team and says that they can upset Celtic.

Stuart Kettlewell

wants his players to show more confidence and believe in their abilities. He thinks their last match was one of his worst experiences in football but he still wants his players to believe in themselves.

“We have got a good cup history in the last 10 or 11 years, we have tended to do pretty well over the years,”

Kettlewell said


“So, nobody expects us to win the game, but I believe it’s a brilliant opportunity to go and upset the odds.

“Taking the result out of the equation, we need to improve our standards and performance. We are never going to get a result without improving our standards on the pitch.

“If we do that, I believe we can make our supporters pretty buoyant about what we are doing and make ourselves feel better, as opposed to coming away feeling really, really low. You feel as low as a snake’s belly after the game last Saturday, we all do. But we have to go and try and make that right.

“Irrespective of it being Celtic at Parkhead, and we know how difficult it will be, I believe it’s an opportunity for us to try and improve.”

source: SportMob