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Hodgson is happy their fans weren’t at the stadium

Sat 28 November 2020 | 14:17

After Crystal Palace’s defeat against Newcastle Roy Hodgson talked about the matter.

After their 2-0 defeat against



Crystal Palace


Roy Hodgson

said that it was a good thing that their fans weren’t at the stadium to watch their team play with such low quality.     

Hodgson claims that he wants their fan to be there in a situation that Crystal Palace can give them something to shout about.

Hodgson said :

“I’m rather happy they aren’t here because I’m certain they would have left for home, after having not seen any matches for a long time and after coming here with high hopes and expectations, and we would have sent them home unbelievably disappointed.

“I can’t honestly say tonight I feel we have missed them because I know we would have disappointed them so much.

“Of course I’m hoping for the next (home) game against Spurs, who are one of the top teams in the country, the 2,000 will be here and we will be able to give them a performance that will send them home happy.

“We believe very strongly in the players, we see them every day in training and we believe that there is a lot of quality in our team,

“But in the last two games, over the 180 minutes, we haven’t produced that quality often enough.

“We haven’t asked enough questions about our two opponents, both of whom really are in the same ballpark in the league as we are.”

Hodgson’s side will face

West Bromwich

in their next

Premier League

match before their big clash against



source: SportMob