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Bruce wishes to have Covid-19 under control in Newcastle

Sat 28 November 2020 | 11:55

Bruce, who had a tough win recently, hopes Covid-19 cases are currently under control on his squad.



Steve Bruce

, was pleased with their

Crystal Palace

win following the number of coronavirus cases and injuries on his squad. The coach, who also hoped for the end of Covid-19 outbreak among his men, said:

“It has been a tough week. We sincerely hope so. It is very difficult at the minute. We have three confirmed players and unfortunately a member of my staff.”

“It is a concern and difficult to manage. We are trying our utmost to make sure we try and stay as safe as we can.”

“Of course my concern is not just the welfare of the players, which is vitally important, but my members of staff too. We will do our best but it is difficult at the moment.”

Bruce, who witnessed the scoring of their long-awaited-


, also commented on the player’s performance saying:

“The one thing that he is, he has a big heart, the kid. He has had a tough time, we won’t deny that, but he is only young and is starting to adapt to the physicality of the Premier League and getting used to a new country.”

“Some people take longer than others and we know he wants to do well, he never shies away from anything and he has got his rewards, so I am delighted for him.”

“Of course all the headlines will go to his strike partner next to him (Wilson), but in particular I was really pleased with Joe and his all-round performance.”

On the other hand


, who lost to


 before their Newcastle game, were desperate for

Wilfried Zaha

’s presence on the pitch, admitted Eagles manager Roy Hodgson.

"I would be frustrated if I was one of the other outfield players to have it told to me all the time that the only way we are ever going to win a game is if Wilf plays,”

Hodgson said.

“But unfortunately we can’t deny the fact it has been very often the case when we have played matches, and we can’t deny at all that we have missed him and his quality in the last two games.”

“Who knows, maybe had he played we would have done a little bit better, but he didn’t play and wasn’t able to play.”

“And I think somewhere along the line we need to learn to accept he will not play every game or get us out of a hole every game by showing the obvious ability he has.”

source: SportMob