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Arteta: ‘Where we get, time will tell’

Sat 28 November 2020 | 10:17

Mikel Arteta believes that he needs at least multiple transfer windows before they could even move towards the Premier League title. The Gunners have not finished inside the top four since 2016.



Mikel Arteta

believes they need several transfer windows before they could even move towards the

Premier League

title and it is not going to be easy.

Since 2016 when they ended up as second to Leicester City, they have not finished inside the top four. Also, last season was their worst result in 25 years as they finished in eighth place.

After a poor start to the campaign under Unai Emery, in December the club brought Arteta in to change things around.

the Gunners have won just one match in their last five league games and Arteta knows that getting the club back to what they used to be is not an easy task.

"That [will] take a few windows at least to do that,” Arteta said. "To establish yourself to compete at the level of certain clubs in this league, which is nearly 100 points, it takes time.

"In football, time is very precious and people are very impatient. But if you don't respect the processes and you ask certain people to do certain things when the foundations are not there, it's a really dangerous thing to do.

"I know we all want to see Arsenal at the top of the league. My only intention every time is to prepare the football match. Where we get, time will tell. There's still a lot of things that are going to happen.

"We have to prepare for difficult moments. We knew that right from the start because it's not something that has happened in the last year - it has happened many years in the past.

"To flick that into a league with 38 games; that's a big challenge. But we're all ready."

source: SportMob