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He is a brave coach- Barcelona presidential candidate backs Koeman

Fri 27 November 2020 | 21:34

Xavi Vilajoana says he would stand by the Dutch coach if he wins the club’s presidential election.

The resignation of Josep Maria Bartomeu as


’s president has made several candidates compete for his place at the Catalan club. The club’s presidential election will take place over three weeks into the new year and the candidates will compete to be in charge of the Club’s transformation as the past administration has left the club with various on and off-field problems.

Xavi Vilajoana

who is a long-term board member and the club’s ex-director of youth football has declared himself as one of the candidates for the presidential election. In a recent interview with 


, Vilajoana has spoken about the team’s new coach and his plans for the club’s future.

"Koeman, as Barcelona boss, is a brave and clear-headed coach,

"He is leading a team through a process of transformation and that takes time.

"Anyone who has played football will know that everything requires time. [If I take charge], Koeman would still be the coach."

Asked about his intentions for participating as a candidate in the club’s presidential election, Vilajoana responded:

"I present myself as a natural evolution, because the moment right now makes me think that the club needs people with knowledge," he added. "[It needs people] with a love for the institution above all else and who can make decisions for the benefit of it.

"I have been at the club for 20 years. I know what joys and disappointments mean and I believe that any future projects have to be based on the knowledge, experience and esteem of the club, with involvement and generosity. I don't see these values ​​in any other candidate."




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source: SportMob