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Jenas thinks Mourinho can bring them a title

Fri 27 November 2020 | 19:55

Tottenham’s former player says that Mourinho has gifts that Pochettino didn’t have.


former midfielder has talked about


performance since his arrival and says that he has what they need to reach for the title they have been waiting for so long to reach.

Here is what


said about Mourinho in his interview with BBC Sport:

“We can't forget what Poch did for Tottenham because he made them Champions League regulars and took them to a whole new stratosphere in terms of their belief levels.

“Mourinho, though, has somehow looked at that blueprint and said 'it is brilliant but I can make it better because I know the secret ingredient'.

“That secret ingredient is a desire to win. These Tottenham players are all very good footballers, but the question was 'do they want success enough to get it in a horrible way?'

 “At 57, Jose's legacy is already established, of course. Just look at his track record - he will go down as one of the greatest managers ever, because of what he has already achieved.

“But he has got an opportunity now to create something different with Spurs - something that, in a weird way, would almost be more than everything he has done elsewhere.

“I mean, can you imagine if he won the Premier League with Tottenham?

“There are not many other managers on this planet who would even think it is possible to walk into Spurs and win the title within 18 months, let alone be able to carry it out.

“Jose won't admit his side are contenders of course, but it's clearly something he feels he can get his teeth into.

“Off the pitch, you can tell he is more comfortable now he is back in London than he ever was in Manchester, living out of a hotel.

“On it, he has got the players that he wants, and he has instilled the spirit he demands from them.”

source: SportMob