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Lampard defends his former manager Mourinho

Fri 27 November 2020 | 17:32

Lampard has talked about Mourinho and defended his old boss.



Frank Lampard



as a top manager despite his unsuccessfulness in his second spell in Chelsea and

Manchester United

and says that he is a professional manager who is great at his job no matter what.

Lampard has talked about Mourinho on his prematch press conference.

"Of course he is [still a top manager], You don’t have a record as decorated as Jose Mourinho has a manager without being a very talented coach.

"For all of us, the game is so reactionary at the moment and particularly in the modern era with social media reactions form will always be judged very harshly for any manager. Tottenham are in good form. They are on a good run; they have good players, they have a good manager.

"It will be a very difficult game for us. I played in the fixture many a time, and the fact we're in good form towards the top of the table adds spice, we're in positions we want to be in and we're all fighting for those.

"So it's a game that remains special for those reasons, and the league positions, of course, all eyes will be drawn to it."

"I am not surprised about anything in management, We all have similar jobs to do. We all sit in these press conferences and have our own personalities. I have got respect for Jose as a manager. That's just how it is.

"I didn't take any offence to the fact I used 'Antonio Conte's system' or whatever. I play that system clearly a lot differently to how Conte would have done. Jose can have his opinions but I have got respect for him and it is nothing contentious for me."

source: SportMob