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Consequences of Covid-19 on Inter's financial situation.

Fri 27 November 2020 | 16:15

Inter's boss has spoken about the financial situation of the club in the pandemic era.


has definitely affected every aspect of the sports world but since football is the most prolific sport, it has been damaged the most after the outbreak of the virus. Almost all the big clubs have been affected enormously by the consequences of the Covid-19.

One of these giant clubs is


. The Italian club ran at a loss of €102.4m in the year ending June 2020. €45m decrease in revenue. President Steven Zhang has spoken about the situation.

“In a situation of significant economic downturn, we have been able to consolidate Inter’s growth plans, which rest on the creation of a global brand and are based around an innovative business vision whose main target audience is younger generations,”

said President Steven Zhang. 

“Our commitment for the future is – as always – to guarantee the sustainability of the club and ensure improved results on the pitch.”

CEO Sport Giuseppe Marotta also spoke at the meeting and assured Inter were on the right track.

“We laid strong foundations which will – in time – allow us to be successful again. Our objective remains to constantly improve results, season after season.”

source: SportMob