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Hansi Flick says they have too many mistakes

Fri 27 November 2020 | 13:40

Bayern Munich boss thinks they make too many mistakes.

Although they are doing OK in all the competitions but

Bayern Munich

boss says his players are being sloppy.

They have scored most goals in


this season but their defense is what upsets Flick alongside with lack of concentration and their sloppiness while having the position of ball.

Here is what Hansi Flick sad about the matter before their clash in


against Stuttgart: 

"When we have the ball, we make too many mistakes, Nobody expects a bad pass, which means that you position yourself differently.

"We have to play more patiently from time to time and get more pressure on the ball. The defence, like the attack, is a team effort; everyone has to participate.

"It is clear that the concentration is not always at 100 per cent with so many.

"But we win the games. We have to make sure that we can get a grip on the few things that we don't do well, study the analysis and give the players solutions for the Stuttgart game."

However they are better than last season in that aspect having made six errors leading to a shot and one of them to a goal in Bundesliga and having five errors in UCL one of them leading to a goal.



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source: SportMob