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Maradona's manager: 'He was tired and let himself die'

Fri 27 November 2020 | 13:12

Diego Armando Maradona's manager and companion said the legend 'was tired and let himself die' while his family was in a constant fight with each other around him.





luminary passed away on Wednesday at 60 years old after various medical issues and addictions that desolated his life and profession. 

“There’s an investigation into Diego’s death and people now point the finger at what could’ve been done, but that’s a concept that should be extended to his entire life,” manager

Stefano Ceci

told Radio Kiss Kiss.

“Diego was always alone: people only ever thought about Maradona. Diego stopped being Diego when he turned 17. He was very difficult to deal with as a person, because he was fragile, full of insecurities, humble and good-natured. I have 20 years of wonderful memories.

“Recently he was letting himself go, physically and mentally. I think he was tired and let himself die, he no longer really wanted to live.

“The family chaos that surrounded Diego meant he never had real peace. Even now that he’s dead, they are still tearing each other’s hair out.

“At least now he can be with those he loved the most, his mother and father. Now Diego is in peace.”


was laid to rest close to his parents in Buenos Aires.



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