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“Jose and Frank Lampard are doing fantastically well” – Robinson

Fri 27 November 2020 | 12:54

The ex-Spurs goalkeeper expressed his excitement for Sunday’s match when Jose Mourinho will face his former pupil, Frank Lampard.

According to former



Paul Robinson


Jose Mourinho

wouldn’t like to see



Frank Lampard

, stand up to him as the two have enjoyed a productive time together on the Blues. Chelsea, who will host the Spurs on their upcoming match, will witness a friendship put aside when the two coaches meet on Sunday.

Robinson told

Racing Post

about the match saying:

“I have been at a couple of the games between them and I have watched them closely - there's a bit of needle on the touchline which is good to see.”

“Frank likes to show he is no longer the pupil and stands up to Jose to prove to him he is no longer the pupil, which I am not sure Mourinho likes.”

The former goalkeeper also spoke about Mourinho adding:

“Jose was brought in for one reason - to win trophies - and I genuinely believe he can do that with the team he has.”

“He knows he can be part of history if he can win with Tottenham and you saw that in the week when they played Chelsea in the Carabao Cup and had Europa League qualification two days later. He picked teams to win both games. Jose is looking to keep his balls in the air for all competitions.”

Robinson later admitted that both coaches can compete for the Premier league title and be two of the grandest teams to have claim on the prize.

“Jose and Frank Lampard are doing fantastically well and I genuinely believe they are both title contenders this season,”

he said.

“This will be a game between two teams who have managers who need to produce and this is a big test for Frank, who was given a lot of money and brought in some outstanding players to the club.”

source: SportMob