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Maradona Junior shares the messages he wrote for his late father

Fri 27 November 2020 | 12:12

Maradona’s son, who couldn’t attend his father’s funeral after testing positive for Covid-19, shared a message on Instagram honoring the death of his father.

The 1986 born son of



Diego Maradona Junior

, paid a tribute to his late father after being prevented from attending his funeral due to coronavirus. On November 5th, the former


son, who has been infected with the disease alongside his wife, wrote:

“We have symptoms and it’s not nice at all.”

Earlier he had posted a video of him and his father celebrating

Maradona’s 60th birthday

with a caption stating:

“I wish I could spend this day differently, having fun with you and forgetting about this difficult moment at least for a few hours.”

“Now I find myself away from you, I wish you to smile and be always happy.”

Since his father’s death, Junior also posted a few Instagram stories with one including a picture of San Paolo with the writing:

“The captain of my heart will never die.”

He also shared a picture of Napoli players paying a tribute to his father writing:

“Love and defend [your shirt] as it was your second skin. It’s an eternal shirt, is the shirt of my dad."

source: SportMob