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France internationals urge the French police to stop their racist acts

Fri 27 November 2020 | 11:43

Many of Deschamps’s men took on social media after footage emerged of the police beating a music producer in France.

Paris Saint-Germain


Kylian Mbappe

, was joined by his other France teammates including

Antoine Griezmann


Benjamin Mendy

, and

Alexandre Lacazette

to stand up against racism after a racist video went viral of French police.

Following these events, France’s interior minister,

Gerald Darmanin

revealed that there will investigations regarding the incident and all three officers who were involved in the beating of the music producer are currently suspended.


, who was the victim of the incident, said:

“I was afraid. I thought it was my last day. I kept saying: ‘I haven’t done anything’, and they kept shouting for me to get down on the ground.”

After the related footage event went viral, Mbappe wrote on Twitter:

"Unbearable video, unacceptable violence."

"'My France has values, principles and codes ... My France for me does not live in lies."

"With heart and rage in the light, not in the shadows.”

"My France to me, is a mixture, it's a rainbow.

"She bothers you, I know, because she doesn't want you as a role model.

"Stop racism."

On the other hand Griezmann wrote:

"My France hurts"

, with Mendy asking:

"Without the videos what would have happened to Michel? We would have preferred to believe the version of the police under oath?"

Lacazette also commented on the footage with angry emojis showing his frustration with the mishap.

source: SportMob