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I was not sure whether to accept Chelsea's offer- Lampard

Fri 27 November 2020 | 11:34

The Blues boss was initially hesitant to accept Chelsea's offer.

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has claimed that he has had many doubts about accepting the Chelsea offer, but has no choice but to take the opportunity.

Lampard was selected as Chelsea manager in the summer of 2019 after a season as Derby County manager in the Championship. He, who had a glorious career as a player at Chelsea, claimed that he was aware of the high pressures and expectations placed on him after accepting the coaching job.

Speaking to The Athletic, Lampard said:

“It’s my club and the pull of it was always going to get me, no matter where I might have been. I didn’t know when that Chelsea opportunity might come around again, if ever.

“On top of that, the idea of staying at Derby was a tough one. It was at a tough period and I think that’s become evident now. So the decision was clear-cut, but I did have doubts, if ‘doubts’ is the right word. Managing Derby was doing it on a much smaller scale, tight-knit, expectation levels so-so and some games would go under the radar if you didn’t get a great result.

“At Chelsea, I knew all of that would change instantly and I wanted to have a positive impact because I knew that my name and the ex-player thing wouldn’t last that long. So yeah, I had a lot of doubts.”

Lampard started a successful career at Chelsea and was able to bring the Blues back to the Champions League. Blues are involved in the title race so far this season, and the former England star is happy that he has been able to prove himself as a coach rather than relly on his past reputation.

He said: “

You can’t think about it. It doesn’t really bother me. As a player, it would; I really held onto being one of the elder statesmen of the team, one of the better performers and I loved that. It was a drive for me, but moving to Manchester City and New York City and then coming out of football for a year and going to Derby and experiencing the world changed my view a lot.

“I don’t rely on that in the way I used to when I was playing for the club. I want to be successful, this is my club and it always will be, even if the fans knock me out of the door because I didn’t succeed.”

source: SportMob