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Mourinho pays tribute to Maradona revealing their close relationship

Fri 27 November 2020 | 8:56

Tottenham's manager says he will miss legend’s consolation after bad results, revealing the phone calls from legend.

With the passing of the iconic Argentine hero, the football world is in mourning. Tributes have been giving since the death of Napoli and Boca Juniors legend after a heart attack on Wednesday.

Jose Mourinho

says as the world knows about the masterworks of


on the pitch, he will miss the man he was out of the pitch who was quick to give him a call after disappointing results.

"There is Maradona and there is Diego. Maradona I don’t need to speak about because the world knows and nobody will forget,"

he told BT Sport before his side’s match against Ludogorets.

"Diego is different, the people that are the big friends of him, the people that share dressing rooms with him, colleagues, these guys are privileged.

"I can say he was a good friend of mine, but my contacts with him were by telephone and we met of course a few times.

"He had a big, big, big, big heart. That’s the guy I miss, because his football we can find every time we miss him, if we Google we will find it. But Diego, no.

"I spent the day today telling stories to my guys about him and the time we spent together and that’s the guy I miss. I especially miss the phone call that was always arriving after defeats and never after victories.

"He knew that after victories I don’t need phone calls, he knew that in difficult moments he was always there and he was always saying after defeats: ‘Mo, don’t forget you are the best’. He always had this approach.

"I miss Diego."

 He ended his tribute.

Maradona’s body is at the presidential mansion in Buenos Aires during three days of national mourning.

source: SportMob