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Keown is happy with Arteta’s decisions for Arsenal

Thu 26 November 2020 | 20:02

Arsenal’s former defender thinks they should stick to the four backs formation.


has been using five backs in recent months using players like

Hector Bellerin


Kieran Tierney

who can also get forward when needed.

Martin Keown

thinks it would be better if Arteta uses the four back formation more often.

And Arteta is using four backs tonight which has signaled a whole new approach from him.

“This is the way forward,"

Keown told BT Sport.

"The back-four gives us some sort of template of how he wants to play his football, Arteta.

"This is a team I expect to do really well.

“I think the brand of


football is changing.

"When you think of 22 years under Arsene Wenger, so much creativity, expression, belief from the manager that anything was possible.

"Here we are with a brand new manager, one who I think is going to be outstanding. But maybe there is too much instruction.

"Players going backwards, under Arsene Wenger, no, no, that ball has to go forward. Arteta played very well under Wenger, so he will know.

"I think he wants them to express themselves and play, but I think that comes with trust and you stop with the information, and rely on the individual to go and create the play.

"Maybe it’s just a little bit of balance. He’s still a young manager, but very successful already - it’s still early days - but at the moment, he doesn’t have quite the right balance between attacking and defending.”


source: SportMob