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Maldini: “Maradona was an icon for anyone who loves football”

Thu 26 November 2020 | 18:56

Paolo Maldini talks about his memories of Maradona and also comments on Milan situation.


AC Milan




Paolo Maldini

shares memories of himself and Maradona.

In an interview with Sky Sport Italia, Maldini said,

“He sent me a message just before his birthday, so it was only a few weeks ago.

“It’s hard to call him an enemy for someone in football, because you could kick him repeatedly and he would never react. He was incredibly fair in that sense.

“He also gave such joy to so many millions of people. He’s always been a controversial figure, but above all an icon for anyone who loves football.

“He was our biggest rival, in those years it was the Napoli of Maradona, Bruscolotti, Careca, Ferrara, etc, but he was the one who lifted them up another level. It was the great rivalry in those days between Milan and Napoli.

“I was just telling Ivan Gazidis earlier that during the warm-up, we all just watched Diego and his warm-up was all juggling with the ball. We sat there and watched, enamored.”

Maldini also made some comments on Milan situation.


lost their last game in

Europa League





warns them that they have tried so hard to get here and should not take this opportunity for granted.

He said,

“We fought too hard to get here and can’t just go out in the first round.

"We had such an incredible run-up to get back to the top six, we had all those preliminary rounds in the summer, we fought too long and hard to just go out after a few games,”



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source: SportMob