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Capello unimpressed by Real Madrid win against Inter-Milan

Thu 26 November 2020 | 18:46

Former Whites manager believes Inter-Milan loss to Los Blancos was due to their poor performance and not Real Madrid’s on-field tactics.


Real Madrid


Fabio Capello

, who sat down in an interview with

Sky Italia

following Zidane’s 2-0 victory against


, told the Italian channel that Real’s performance wasn’t quite impressive and they owed their win to Inter’s mistakes.

“Inter started badly and without determination, in the first half they were always in difficulty. Inter had three defenders against one attacker and in the middle they were inferior,”

Capello said following the match.

“In the second half with four defenders I liked Inter more. Against this mediocre Real Madrid, Inter could have done more.”

Capello also talked about Conte’s techniques saying:


was not a driving force and Vidal’s error is not admissible. If the team doesn’t work like this, maybe it’s time to change the tactical system.”

source: SportMob