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Napoli fans will send their love to their legend

Thu 26 November 2020 | 16:56

Neapolitans will unite and show their respect for Diego Maradona.


fans ask all the city to unite in a moment of tribute to


in their announcement.

The fans mourn their most iconic player ever as Diego Maradona died suffering from a heart attack last night.

Napoli is preparing for moment of respect today before their match against Rijeka and the fans will be applauding after that.

Ottopagine shared an announcement today on the subject.

“At 20.45 [19.45 UK time], Naples remembers Diego Armand Maradona. Before the game, we will put lights and candles in the windows for D10S,” a letter to millions of Neapolitans read.

“And at 21.00 [20.00 UK time], after the minute of silence, we will start, from every window in Naples, the biggest applause ever heard in the history of the city.

“We will shout Diego’s name to make the world feel that we will never forget him, that Diego is our most loved son and brother.

“Forward and share to all Neapolitans. Forza Diego, forever!”

Diego Maradona led Napoli in both their Serie A titles and became their biggest player ever.

source: SportMob