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Bielsa on Maradona: “He could not be better”

Thu 26 November 2020 | 16:29

Leeds Argentine coach Marcelo Bielsa praises Diego Maradona, saying he “was an artist whose beauty cannot be matched”.

The famous Argentine coach

Marcelo Bielsa

, who is currently in charge of

Leeds United

, praised

Diego Maradona

and described him as an artist whose beauty cannot be matched.


died on Wednesday at the age of 60, and three days of public mourning were declared in his country, Argentina.

Marcello Bielsa

is one of those who have always admired Maradona. Bielsa has made it clear several times before that Maradona is without a doubt the best footballer in history.

“He could not be better. He was for us and will continue to be an idol,”

Bielsa said.

“Given the fact he is not here with us anymore, it brings us great sadness. To lose an idol for us is something that makes us feel weak.

“Everything he did as a footballer was a beauty which cannot be matched.

“Maradona was an artist. The dimensions of the repercussions of his art has infinite recognitions. To give one example that stands out, the songs that have been written about him are extraordinary.

“I have read texts after his death that have been emotional and it is a recognition of what he gave the spectators in beauty.

 “In terms of what he signifies to us in particular, Diego made us feel like it was a fantasy; like an idol makes you feel.”



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source: SportMob