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Pedri celebrated his 18th birthday with Antoine Griezmann as DJ

Thu 26 November 2020 | 16:14

Antoine Griezmann showed more of his talents as Pedri celebrated his 18th birthday

Barcelona’s Pedri undoubtedly had a good night Tuesday, with starting for Blaugrana in their 4-0 victory which secured their qualification for the next round, as well as celebrating his birthday later that night.

It’s been revealed by Diario Sport, Antoine Griezmann seized control of the AUX and showed off his taste after playing Happy Birthday at full volume, with all the squad and stuff singing along, loud enough to embarrass the youngster.

Shy teenager, Pedri, seemed to have appreciated the gesture as the next day in Spain he celebrated his birthday privately, where his parents visited him from Tenerife and they ate a meal together at his house, which he shares with his brother, Fernando.

He got particularly emotional when he received a gift from his grandmother, Candelaria, who didn’t travel. Also, the Pena Barcelonista de Tegueste gave him a book on how to make good barbecues.

source: SportMob