'Maradona was honorable' Lobo Carrasco remembers ex-teammate

Thursday26 November 2020 | 13:10
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Former Blaugrana player remembers his time with young Maradona at Barcelona.

Diego Maradona’s death on Wednesday shocked the football world and has resulted in many tributes being paid by great footballers such as Messi, Pele and Cristiano Ronaldo. The Argentinian legend joined Barcelona right after the 1982 world cup. He spent two periods of his career at Laliga which were before and after his peak performances for Napoli. He joined Sevilla after the 1986 Mexico world cup which he won with Argentina. Lobo Carrasco who was one of young Maradona’s friends back in Camp Nou remembers his time with the Argentinian.

“Like the whole world of football, including our beloved ball, I mourn Maradona,” Carrasco wrote in Mundo Deportivo.

“The beauty of my story is that I met Diego.

“A Diego who, when he landed in Barcelona, was introverted, humble, observant and smiling. Maradona was still far away at that point, but Diego dominated with his youth and his desire to conquer the world.

“He didn’t reach the top at Barcelona but he had undoubted quality and an indecipherable dribbling imagination, and would later execute sporting revenge by showing at Napoli what he couldn’t here.

“Maradona beat Berlusconi’s Milan and made the poor of Naples rich, but there came a time when Diego could not longer hold Maradona and his problems became increasingly difficult.

“But for us, his players, he loved us and treated us like his own family. He showed it in Argentina, in Barcelona, in Italy and everywhere else in the world he ever spent time. He was loyal and honourable.

“I’ve always stated that if Diego had gone through another team or adaptation in Europe first, I’m convinced he would have built a great team at Barcelona.

“His work was rooted in the street, and he dedicated hours every day until he finally learned all the secrets of the ball. She kept him excited and alive until yesterday.”

source: SportMob
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