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Toni Freixa thinks Messi wants to stay but there must be negotiations

Thu 26 November 2020 | 13:34

Barcelona Presidential candidate is convinced that Messi wants to stay at Barcelona.

There have been so many different speculations about


future with the club but not many of them suggest that he will stay.


Presidential Candidate

Toni Freixa

however thinks that Messi wants to stay at the club but Barcelona have to start the conversation with him as soon as possible in order to keep their superstar.

Messi tried to leave the club last season but after so many speculations and news he was convinced to stay and respect his contract with the club but now after changes in Barcelona presidential board Freixa thinks that Messi would like to stay if they start the conversation with him soon enough.

Toni Freixa told Cadena SER:

“Messi has been everything and has to continue; my will is for him to continue, but one day he will have to leave. The day it happens, hopefully it will be never, but it is not a question of taking away my sleep.

 “The Messi case is one of the important issues. The situation must be analyzed and a series of decisions must be taken.

“To sit down and talk to Messi, you have to look him in the eye and see what everyone wants and what the club can offer. You have to ask him if he really wants to continue, which I'm convinced he does.”


source: SportMob