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Laporta's plans in case of winning the Barcelona election

Thu 26 November 2020 | 13:13

Joan Laporta, who was president of Barcelona from 2003 to 2010, intends to run for the club presidency once again.

Following the resignation of

Josep Maria Bartomeu

from the presidency of


, ​​a committee chaired by

Carles Tosquez

has now taken over the management of Barca, and announced yesterday that a presidential election would probably take place over the Christmas holidays.

So far,

Jordi Farré


Victor Font

have officially announced their candidacy for the presidency of Barcelona, ​​but there is no news about

Joan Laporta

at the moment. He has verbally confirmed that he will run for presidency, but has not yet taken formal action.

According to Marca.


plans to bring former Valencia general manager

Mateu Alemany

to Barcelona and give him a special managerial post.


recently resigned due to a dispute with


owner Peter Lim.


is an experienced manager. After joining Valencia in 2017, he completely changed the perspective of the team.

He also played an important role in


, helping the to win copa del rey in 2003.

Now that Barcelona are in their darkest times, Laporta hopes to bring some light to the club by adding an experienced manager like Alemany to the team.

Laporta also plans to bring in


's Austrian defender

David Alaba

, whose contract expires at the end of the season and has no plans to extend it.

Barca won the Champions League twice with Joan Laporta. They also managed to achieve six trophies in 2008-09.

source: SportMob